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The Conference

L’Idem International Animation Summit

L'idem International Animation Saummit is a private networking meeting reserved for L’Idem students in which the world’s leading 2D and 3D animation, audiovisual environments, visual effects, video games and virtual reality studios come to the school to meet the new talent emerging from its classrooms.

The number of companies and studios participating in the Summit increases year after year. After 8 editions, it has become the annual meeting of reference in the Animation sector aimed at promoting creative talent and connecting it with the job market.


To whom is it addressed?


Animation studios looking to incorporate new talent into their creative teams, either in the form of university internships or junior positions.

Final year Animation students at L’Idem looking to establish an internship agreement or their first work experience.

The Summit has a fourfold objective





Orientation towards the job market: Connecting studio executives and animation production companies with new talent emerging from L'Idem.

Portfolio sessions: To offer students the opportunity to showcase their work in front of leading international professionals and receive advice.

Networking: To promote the exchange of experiences, resources and business opportunities between the main animation studios.

Case studies: To showcase recent case studies of animation and video game productions.

The number of companies and studios participating in the Summit increases year after year. This fact proves that the formula works and that the meeting has become one of the most important events of the year for the international animation industry.


Past Events

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