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Karma Juliana

Concept Art

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Hi! I’m Karma a 22 year old artist currently looking to join as a Junior artist in the art department. I consider myself a practical and optimistic person who embraces teamwork. I’m always looking how to improve and I like to challenge myself and push me sometimes. I love both watching cartoons and making them, but specially, what I love the most is character and color design.

Since I was a kid, I always designed characters. I remember making model sheets without even knowing what it was! When I was 15 years old I discovered what concept art was and I just thought that I had to choose it because that's what I always did and that's what I like.



Character design


Intermediate level


Low level

Native language



Native language


Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe (Photoshop, InDesign, Premier, After Effects, etc.), ZBrush

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